HDMI to HDMI Cable (All Lengths)



HDMI to HDMI Cable Lead High Speed 1080P

Item Description:

This is a premium quality new V1.4 Flat HDMI to HDMI Cable. This cable is manufactured to the highest specification and has Gold Plated Connectors. The flat design opens up a range of possibilities when installing the cable such as under carpet, skirting board, behind plaster or where there is limited space behind the TV. With this cable you will be able to obtain the best picture quality, HDTV Set top boxes, 3D Blue Ray Players etc. It is also backward compatible so will also work with standard Non 3D devices.

Here are some of the features:

High Quality FLAT HDMI to HDMI Cable – Gold Plated Connectors, Mylar-foil shielding, Molded Strain-relief – Certified for HDMI 1.4a (and backward compatible to all previous versions) – Supports up to and including Full HD 1080p and 3DTV – Transfer Video & Audio at 10.2GB per second – Ethernet Support – Fully HDCP compliant